Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Full Belly Seattle Is Born

Welcome one and all. You have been sent a link to this blog because someone believes that you too are looking for ways to help make the world a better place. Please continue on and read about our efforts and about some of the fun and easy ways you can contribute!

Olaiya and I have spent many hours discussing how to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to supporting world-changing organizations. The options are so numerous that it can leave a person feeling confused and frustrated. While researching which organization we would support, we looked for a secular non-profit oriented toward helping people from very disadvantaged backgrounds find sustainable solutions to improve their lives. We believe Women for Women is just such an organization.

Our goal is to raise funds through a series of social events and dinners. The proceeds from these affairs will be used to sponsor individual women in war-torn countries throughout the world. Our initial plan will be to host one event per month, inviting our friends and neighbors to join us for satisfying food and conversation, knowing that all the proceeds will make a difference.

We hope that the project grows and becomes more ambitious as time goes by. However we evolve, we would like to keep a consistent set of values. Our goal is to make use of Olaiya's considerable talents in the kitchen, provide vegetarian-friendly meals and tastings, attempt to cater all events with local, organic produce, and keep costs low enough that everyone can participate. We intend to focus on building an ever-increasing sense of community. Our events will not be hard-sells or guilt-wracked discussions of world affairs. We simply want our friends and family (and your friends and family) to come join us for a great time for a great cause.


molly said...

What a great idea. I would love it if this could expand to be an international effort, and on the selected days it isn't only your kitchen but, perhaps, several.

Olaiya said...

Thanks for the support, Molly! I'm sad you won't be able to come to our Summer kickoff, but we'll plan a special event around you the next time you're back in the US. Also, we wanted to invite your parents--would you send John or me their e-mail addresses? Thanks!

wheylona said...

Wow, how extremely cool. I'm very sorry I'm not in Seattle to join you. But I'll be rooting you on from afar, and hopefully there'll be something on the next time I'm in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Extremely good job you two. I totally support your effort.


Chris said...

This is a really interesting idea. I'm sorry that I've never heard of it. Do you have any ideas about how you might grow Little Spark? Are you considering something, at all, like a franchise operation where other 'sparks' also host dinners? Or maybe catering larger events? I think there might be some opportunities in conscientious weddings.

John said...

Thanks for your questions Chris! We've had quite a few suggestions over the years to expand our operation and try to increase our ability to make an impact around the world. Olaiya and I are both cautiously interested in such approaches. Our fear is that as we grow in scale, we'll risk losing the very personal, very fun aspect of hosting these events. Part of our goal is to make sure we're enjoying ourselves... and that this doesn't just feel like a second job. We love the feeling of warm, candle-lit tables overflowing with laughter, wine, great food and togetherness.