Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dinner Soiree Another Success

Last weekend, Olaiya and I were blessed with yet another fantastic dinner crowd: This time drawing largely from the guys I play basketball with on Thursday nights. Among other goals, we wanted to fete Brett (first to arrive and last to leave) before he leaves us for the browner pastures of eastern Washington. Anthony, a basketball stalwart, wasn't able to make it, but was kind enough to donate money to the cause even so.

We raised a couple hundred dollars, though we owe an extra thanks to John B. for making trips to TJ’s for extra beer and wine. We definitely underestimated this crowd's thirst! And if not for John, we might have cut into our profits significantly.

Table set with appetizer platters, including pena azul, fava beans, provolone picante, roasted red peppers with fried capers, parmaggiano reggiano, balsamic mushrooms, and copa picante salami.

Dressed arugula with prosciutto and grilled fennel... later finished with buffala mozzarella.

Scallops seared and served with homemade pappardelle pasta tossed with asparagus, zucchini and fava beans in a pesto cream sauce.

Preparing for our opening toast: Brian, Cathy, Brett, John, Cathy, Andres, Dan and Olaiya (clockwise from top left.)