Friday, May 16, 2008

A New Name for Our Project

Old and new friends alike,

Olaiya and I have been contacted by another fundraising agency that has trademarked the name The Full Belly Project. They have asked that we discontinue our usage of that name. Rather than fight their request, we've decided to use this opportunity to ask ourselves: "What do we want out of this endeavor, and is there a better name to capture that?"

We decided on the new title of Little Spark.

We kept talking about our sense that there's an enormous movement afoot to repair this world. We saw that, as a community, our global consciousness is being raised... our environmental and humanitarian instincts are firing. All around us, we see people with good intentions and a desire to help. Olaiya and I felt exactly like that when we first talked about starting this project. To me, it felt like a build up of positive energy, just waiting for an opportunity to express itself... just waiting for a Little Spark to set things into motion.

So here we are, trying to ignite that positivity and continue with our goals. Thank you all for joining us!