Sunday, July 15, 2007

Dinner Part Deux

The second Full Belly Dinner was a privately arranged affair. Last night, we hosted a trio of couples from Jewish Family Service, where I work. The eight of us enjoyed a fantastic four course meal... and I think we kept several participants up past their bedtime.

Of special note: At both of our events thus far, someone has pitched in more than the requested fee after eating the dinner. Thank you to those kind souls, and I'm glad you felt moved after enjoying the evening and Olaiya's great cooking!

Gary, Mary and Bonnie enjoying a pomegranate cava cocktail.

Then the appetizers came out... a cheese course featuring an aged manchego and a
Viegadarte goat cheese accompanied by quince paste, spiced marcona almonds, and a sherry reduction.

The second course was an arugula salad with dates, almonds, shaved parmesan and oranges.

The whole gang: Gary, Mary, Bonnie, Steve, Lani and Scott.

The entree was a potato and chorizo (for the omnivores) stuffed red pepper served on a bed of kale braised with raisins, garlic and lemon.

And we finished with this sweet treat: Decadent chocolate syrup over homemade pistachio ice cream.

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Lani said...

Thank you John and Olaiya for such a gracious and delicious event. The company was good, the food extremely tasty, and the presentation was beautiful. I really wish you continued success with this endeavor. It's a cause we can get behind and then wear on our behinds!