Sunday, August 26, 2007

Third Full Belly Event is Charming!

For our End of Summer Barbecue, both Mother Nature and the parks department cooperated. We got gorgeous weather after a week of rain and clouds. And Volunteer Park was okay with us hosting a BBQ for 30+ folks, so long as we agreed not to toss our charcoal embers into their garbage cans.

We got a huge boost from volunteers who helped us set up, prep food and serve guests. We can thank Meredith for setting up the badminton courts. Catherine was a huge help with the food, as were Brandon & Molly. And Calvin helped schlep ice and get the grills going. We owe everyone who helped out a debt of thanks. Their efforts, along with the generosity of the guests, enabled us to clear over $300... almost enough for another entire Women for Women sponsorship! Soon we'll have a second sponsored sister to blog about. Thanks everyone!

Guests arrived early and late. Here are Dan and Britta flashing some scooter chic as they showed up.

Diane and Silvio posing with Wendy, who flew all the way from Spain to join us!

Andres rode from Ravenna on his bike.

Andres got put to work helping Calvin and Brandon get the grills going.

Catherine, who was a huge help to Olaiya during the food prep stage, talks to Sachie in front of the dahlia garden.

Guests Walter, Mel, Courtney and Laura were staking out the picnic tables.

Meanwhile, Molly was helping get things ready for the grill.

Molly's hubby Brandon keeps an eye on the stuffed portobellos.

After the food came out, Laura, Mary, Mitch, Carrie and Molly wasted no time getting in line!

Mel, Calvin, Walter, Meredith and Courtney clustered by the picnic tables.

Eric sporting a big smile.

Derek, the spirit of sustainability, brought his own plate and silverware. Clay and Emily look on.

Brandon and Olaiya finally got to eat too!

Olaiya takes a load off and enjoys some of the grilled corn.

The back of Mel's head, and Diane having a good time.

All the cool kids circled up on the blankets.

Mary, Gary and Diane wonder what happened to Lani!?

And, of course, there was an amazing dessert: a peach and blueberry rustic tart.


Anonymous said...

great event, great photographs. thanks guys! Brit and I had fun.


Sarah Wesch said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun, and a delicious meal. Keep up the excellent work! The Wesch family will be in Seattle the week of October 22. Let us know if there are any Full Belly events that we could attend.