Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dinner is Served!

Many thanks to our recent stellar dinner guests: Kelly & Jane, Meems, Irish Molly, Eric, Greg & Linn, Tara, and Brandon & Molly. We were able to comfortably host a party of 12 around Olaiya fantastic new table. The lavish affair netted Little Spark over $300 toward our causes!

Olaiya and I make a rare appearance in front of the camera... Probably because we had guest photographers Tara and Molly in the house!

After the chilled melon soup, roasted hazelnuts and introductory toast, Olaiya served the tomato stack appetizers... featuring both red and yellow heirlooms.

Greg and Linn survey the main course: a fillet of salmon with purple basil aioli; a sweet corn pudding; platter of dressed favas, purple potatoes and green beans; and stuffed globe zucchini.

Brandon wanting to compare a taste of Molly's wine with his own.

The magical aftermath of wine glasses, candles, espressos and cognac. Special guests Kelsey and Alex sit with Eric in the back row.


Seattle Tall Poppy said...

Hi! I found my way to your blog from the post over at Tea & Cookies. I'm friends with Molly & Brandont too...and love the concept behind a Little Spark! Dinner looks divine!

John said...

That's fantastic! Let us know if you want to be added to our mailing list. We love to expand our circle of friends.

Charissa said...

This is great!