Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2008 in Review

2008 was full of unexpected developments. First we changed the name of our enterprise from The Full Belly Project to Little Spark due to a legal dispute about our name. The name changed but the mission stayed the same! We still hosted a variety of dinners and special events, including an all-vegan dinner, a Sunday brunch and an outdoor movie spectration extravaganza.

We threw some wonderful gigs and raised enough funds to make a $900 donation to Women For Women's Congo relief funds last December. We gave at a time when all donations were being matched by an anonymous funder. So we effectively raised $1800 for the women of The Congo!

A huge Little Spark thanks to everyone that came to an event and helped make that possible. We are always humbled and grateful for your support, and look forward to seeing you again in 2009.

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Kiantha Shadduck said...

Thank you for serving a vegan meal—as it is just as important to consider all the animals, human and non-human, when choosing something to nourish our vessels.

Such is the life of humans that we have made a history of exploiting, abusing, murdering other humans and critters of which we share this vast Earth.

While the fight continues to educate and cease the mistreatment and dire conditions of all people, thus the struggle for animal rights masks that of the road taken to make life better for the species that most resembles us.

But in them is us. Break down the walls of indifference. Then maybe the suffering will the least, by human hands.

One person choosing to eat and live vegan saves the lives of 95 animals per year, statistics reveal. Those are 95 lives—living, breathing, dreaming, loving.

Thank you for opening minds and hearts to tasty vegan cooking.
Hugs, Kiantha Shadduck