Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Dinner with John's Basketball Crew

Our first event of the year was a exquisite dinner party for John's basketball buddies and their better halves. We hosted ten folks to a dinner that included an appetizer of homemade gnocchi in a bleu cheese sauce, followed by a main plate featuring a mouth-watering squash puree served alongside roasted pork and braised kale. We cleansed the palette with a simple salad before enjoying a cheese course with a trio of artisanal offerings.

The crowd was festive and enjoyed each other's company so much that we hardly had to play host and hostess! We both owe a big thank you to all of them for supporting our project and filling our evening with laughter and enthusiasm.

Olaiya mixing up the bibb lettuce with her own vinaigrette

Espresso with brandy and a gorgeous coffee creme brulee were served for dessert.

Olaiya's table lit up with candles and wine glasses.

The whole gang from the left: Newcomer John, Kelly & Jane, John & Cathy... Roland & Martha and Tony & Abbey are mostly obscured.

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